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Future uncertainties deteriorate managers perception and by way of consequence their capacity for making the right investment decisions. For this reason, kwantis main purpose is to support organisations management to identify, evaluate and control future uncertainties.


kwantis team is built around dedicated, enthusiastic, creative, curious, forward-thinking, and open-minded individuals who are passionate about creating value together.

Our consultants have a history of strong involvement in project delivery, along with solid backgrounds in engineering, economics and statistics. Coming from different industries and countries, they put in common their knowledge to deliver insightful and actionable solutions.

Our senior advisors are independent professionals that work with kwantis to provide a unique global perspective, strong technical knowledge and access to a wealth of relationships that enhance our ability to serve our clients and capture opportunities around the world.


Having worked together on challenging projects during 4 years, Jean Michelez and Nicola Rossi created kwantis on a common vision and on common values. They put together their complementary backgrounds and experiences to set an attractive and innovative offer in risk & performance evaluation.

Jean has been involved in risk and investment evaluations for 20 years, with effective interventions in various sectors (energy and utilities, infrastructures, transportation, medical) over four continents. He is French & Swiss national and holds a Master in Economy from the Université Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne and a Master from the ESSCA Business School.

Nicola worked on challenging energy and transportation projects for 10 years. He developed innovative solutions in risk modeling and business performance measurement that were acknowledged by several international publications. Nicola is Italian and holds a double degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino and a diploma from Alta Scuola Politecnica. He is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum.

Thoughts from kwantis team

Jean Michelez

"I find a great satisfaction in creating opportunity for curious individuals to work on breaking new topics. They are not afraid of questioning and they soon have great ideas!"

Jean Michelez - Partner
Giulia Giudici

“I have worked in different countries from Angola to Norway and each new experience has expanded my business view significantly.”

Giulia Giudici - Consultant
Nicola Rossi

"After each of our assignments, we ask our client for formal feedback.
Client satisfaction average is 4.8/5, and has never been lower than 4/5."

Nicola Rossi - Partner
Francesca Nava

"Here the partners are really friendly; they trust you and give you responsibility, and that's very good for the working environment."

Francesca Nava - Manager Consultant
Andrea Montanaro

"It amazes me how much kwantis invests in R&D for challenging and innovative solutions!"

Andrea Montanaro - Consultant
Filippo Sisti

"What I find exciting in working with kwantis, is that we have a large variety of activities, where we have opportunities to grow either as a team, or as an individual."

Filippo Sisti - Consultant
Costanza Lupi

"kwantis grows a dynamic environment where young professionals
of different technical backgrounds work on stimulating projects.
You never know which new opportunity is coming next!"

Costanza Lupi - Consultant
Fabio Concina

"kwantis is a great working place that really values creativity
and gives individuals the chance to make a real impact."

Fabio Concina - Consultant
Alessandro Caia

"Being part of a great company means giving 10 and creating 100.
In kwantis, added value is reality in everyday business, within the working team and for our clients"

Alessandro Caia - Consultant
Elena Argolini

"Flexibility is great for my work-life balance
and keeps me motivated in achieving my goals."

Elena Argolini - Consultant

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