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Whether you come to kwantis as a fresh graduate or an experienced consultant, you will find a rich culture based on the following 3 pillars:

1. Flexibility: Every project is like a new job: new people, new context, new challenges, so we need the highest adaptability and inventiveness.
2. Well-being: kwantis wealth relies in its consultants enthusiasm. Therefore consultants need to have a balance between work and personal passions.
3. Value oriented: Our clients shall be able to quantify the value of each our intervention. Therefore we benchmark all our deliverables through dedicated questionnaires.


Independently owned and independently minded, we attract a diverse mix of people to work on innovative projects around the world.

Our team is rather young (32 years old on average), with a solid technical education background. We appreciate exchanges, questions and proposals, formally (during 360° reviews) or informally (during typical Milano’s aperitivi). Once a year we meet in a nice place for a 2 days “cross-fertilization” discussions and team building activities. Some examples? French ski resort, Berlin, and many others to come...