Hundreds of objective KPI's measured with impressive accuracy and in a few seconds for a single well or for a multiple wells campaign


Empowered drilling performance analytics through the combination of daily drilling information and rig sensor data

Integrated Drilling Data Discovery

Usually, surface logging data (mudlog data) are dedicated to real time operations management, while operations performance is analyzed through daily drilling reports. However, these data contains a huge amount of valuable information for drilling operations performance analysis.

“Get value out of all available drilling data!”

For that reason, kwantis created id3, a single and intuitive analytical platform that puts together surface logging records, daily drilling reports, formations, surveys and more.
This combination of multiple sources of information provides an extremely accurate measurement of operations indicators, and the identification of potential for improvement.


Address drilling performance of a single well or multiple wells with a high-level of accuracy in one click.



Download additional material to understand id3: case studies, videos and technical papers.


IT Architecture

id3 provides a simple architecture based on a robust data model supported by intuitive dashboards.

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mudlog data
average ROP
ROP by bit
average connection time
connection time analysis
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