id3 capabilities

perform comprehensive performance analysis in real time or offline

Single well

Address drilling performance of a single well (in real time or offline) with a high-level of accuracy in one click. Focus on a specific well phase through a simple selection.

  • Automatic recognition of operations, through surface logging sensor interpretation merged with daily reporting. Detailed breakdown of the activities to highlight Invisible Lost Time (ILT).
  • Understanding of well problems through the visualization of mudlog curves and daily reporting comments on the same page.
  • Drilling equipment performance impartial measurement: bit performance by run, formation and lithology.
  • Distribution of drilling parameters (ROP, tripping time, connection time, etc.) for future well probabilistic planning.
  • Planned vs actual costs comparison.

Multiple wells

Compare a selection of several wells on a real time or offline basis, in order to benchmark their performance, calculate impartial KPI and set new targets to enhance the learning process.

  • Detailed breakdown of activities for the selected wells, by phases or categories: Planned, Unplanned, NPT.
  • Measurement of a rig crew performance on connection time during tripping, drilling and casing run.
  • Distribution of drilling, tripping speed, weight to weight to identify the “best in class”.
  • Learning curve calculation by type of operations, to set new targets for performance enhancement.
  • Technical limit calculation, to accurately benchmark the performance and identify potential for improvements.


Address drilling performance of a single well or multiple wells with a high-level of accuracy in one click.



Download additional material to understand id3: case studies, videos and technical papers.


IT Architecture

id3 provides a simple architecture based on a robust data model supported by intuitive dashboards.