id3 architecture

A solid IT architecture that requires limited installation and maintenance costs

id3 Manager

id3 Manager is a web application that works as the entry point of all the data managed by id3.
id3 Manager is able to load a wide set of information in real time or in offline mode: surface logging data (either in WITSML format or in LAS format), lithology, mud checks and inventory (in WITSML, Excel or CSV).
Finally, it can connect with existing Daily Drilling Reporting Tools such as WellView or OpenWells, or load custom daily drilling reporting in different formats.

id3 Data Model

id3 Data Model is a relational database used to store all the information gathered through id3 Manager. It contains several stored procedures able to manage and combine, through powerful algorithms, data coming from multiple sources and databases, i.e. mudlog data, lithology,... Id3 Data Model supports different database vendors, such as Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

id3 Dashboard

id3 Dashboard is id3 User Interface, a set of intuitive dashboards able to perform the calculation of all the KPIs for a single well or for multiple wells. These dashboard, according to the type of installation, can be opened through a standard web browser and shared among all the different users defining proper security roles.


Address drilling performance of a single well or multiple wells with a high-level of accuracy in one click.



Download additional material to understand id3: case studies, videos and technical papers.


IT Architecture

id3 provides a simple architecture based on a robust data model supported by intuitive dashboards.