Legacy Wells Integrity Assessment for Carbon Capture and Storage


Kwantis, is proud to announce its collaboration with a major energy company on an innovative project aimed at advancing well integrity assessment methodologies.

In partnership with this esteemed energy giant, Kwantis is spearheading the application of the newly developed well integrity assessment methodology. The primary objective of this project is to estimate the time to lose the well integrity in legacy wells, particularly those adjacent to injection wells, which may not be adequately equipped to handle the harsh conditions associated with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

The significance of this study cannot be overstated. By accurately predicting the time ranges within which legacy wells are safe to operate in the presence of increasing CO2 concentrations, major energy companies can make informed decisions regarding their operational strategies. This includes the ability to anticipate the need for permanent well shutdowns, thus minimizing risks and optimizing resource management.

Key aspects of the project include:

  • Estimation of Time to Loss of Well Integrity: Kwantis is employing sophisticated methodologies to estimate the duration for which legacy wells can maintain their integrity when exposed to rising levels of CO2.
  • Sensitivity Analysis: Through meticulous risk analysis, Kwantis is assessing the probability of well integrity loss under various conditions, including different concentrations of CO2 and water, and over elapsed time periods, considering different material conditions.

By providing major energy companies with actionable insights derived from this comprehensive study, Kwantis is empowering them to navigate the challenges of well integrity management in the era of CCS effectively.

We are proud to contribute our expertise towards enhancing the safety and longevity of well operations, ultimately supporting our partners in their journey towards a more sustainable future.