Drilling is one of the most capital intensive activities in the industry and is prone to significant risks. For these reasons, drilling is swiftly moving to enhanced digitalization and automation in order to increase cost efficiency and safety.



Drilling is one of the key specializations of kwantis thanks to a full range of services and software already trusted by multiple clients. Our main areas of intervention cover risk assessment, probabilistic well planning, drilling data management (rig data aggregation and distribution), performance measurement and improvement.

Kwantis has designed ID3 – Integrated Drilling Data Discovery to address drilling performance. Id3 is an innovative tool for data aggregation, storage, and KPI analysis that has been available on the market since 2017. ID3 counts on more than 30000 days of application in drilling operations. It is a well established solution to optimize  data management and increase  operations performance.

We are actively contributing to the innovation in the field with publications and membership of main research/collaborative societies (SPE, Energistics, OSDU)

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