Project Risk Management

Complex projects face technical challenges, several interfaces and ambitious objectives in terms of cost and schedule. In this context the application of the Project Risk Management (PRM) process maximizes the probability to reach project goals.


Kwantis consultants help decision makers investing with greater visibility, through identification, evaluation and control of future uncertainties. 

PRM’s main objective is to analyze these uncertainties, to reduce them to an acceptable level and to calculate necessary contingencies to ensure project objectives in terms of cost, schedule, quality and reputation.

We developed a wide experience in project risk management, working in probabilistic schedule & cost modelling or acting as a third party facilitators in big projects risk assessments.

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Our Expert

Our Expert


Giulia Giudici

Giulia holds a MSc in Civil Engineering From Politecnico di Milano, she is also a certified  Scrum Master (PSM). Giulia has gained more  than 5 years of experience as a consultant in kwantis, with hands-on roles in  risk management, performance optimization and digital transformation projects in different industries: Oil & Gas, Construction, Transportation and Power generation.


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