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Realization of a Project Roadmap

Edison Hydrocarbons Department deals with development projects starting with a discovery well and concluding with a production plant decommissioning. These projects usually requires several years to be realized and considerable investments in very complex and sensitive environment.
Thus, to improve the capital effectiveness, kwantis developed an efficient project management system, following a structured process that guarantees an optimal use of resources (people, finance, and technology).


The project management workflow has been based on a benchmark of international standards and on specific interviews carried out with main Project actors and stakeholders.Then the complete Process has been structured following 3 macro phases, Exploration, Development and Production that are further divided in sub-phases. Each phase is sanctioned by a decision Gate.

” The application of these practices leads to a better allocation of resources and supports the decision making process. “

The guideline provides a mechanism for effective communication between decision-makers, multifunctional project team members and stakeholders in order to guarantee the success of new business ventures.