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Kwantis is a trusted service company providing a complete range of consulting and digital services for major corporations from energy, construction, and manufacturing industries worldwide.

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We support organizations in making better decisions, giving the right information to the right people at the right time


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We support organizations in transforming their businesses, to gain resilience, sustainability, and performance. We are providing knowledge and technologies, with acknowledged achievements worldwide in the energy and construction industries.

Digital Lab

Our IT experts and developers are focused on innovation to deliver transformative digital solutions  for your organization. We are independent in our strategy and continuously re-evaluating our technical stack to provide the most efficient and reliable solutions for our clients.

Software Solutions


Riskturn is the first software that makes access to Monte Carlo simulation democratic.

This approach that comes from applied sciences allows you to simulate future scenarios in your financial forecast and make more informed decisions.

ID3 –
Integrated Drilling
Data Discovery

ID3 supports the digitalisation of the drilling rigs providing detailed KPI on all major operations and indications on how to improve the performance. ID3 provide insightful analyses for the drilling operators in order to measure the Invisible Lost Time(ILT) and reach the technical limit.

Our Clients

Nov 2023

Green Energy Storage: Kwantis Performs a Quantitative Risk Analysis for an Innovative Hydro Pumping Project

Nov 2023

Kwantis Recognized as the “Champion of Growth 2024”

Nov 2023

Mitigating GHG Emissions – Highlights from FWRD

Nov 2023

Kwantis and Weatherford Partnership Highlighted at FWRD Conference

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