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Anomaly detection solutions

In several business scenarios, predicting or evaluating anomalies results in a big impact in terms of economical savings.


Kwantis Digital Lab is constantly researching anomaly detection techniques that help humans to take actions as soon as possible.

The need of interpreting the results of the algorithms usually makes techniques to favor Machine Learning models rather than Deep Learning ones. We believe that the best algorithms and the best ensembles are chosen with respect to the domain and the data available.

A key success for Kwantis Digital Lab is the predictive engine used to anticipate geological issues (such as stuck pipe) during well drilling activities.

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Our Expert

Our Expert

Anomaly detection solution EXPERT

Giovanni Patruno

Giovanni Patruno has been working since the last 5 years in the digitization processes for different fields with particular focus on the Oil&Gas field. He is currently leading software developments mainly related to id3 software. Giovanni Patruno holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano.


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