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Forecasting models

A common business problem is to predict a business variable of interest in the future.


In the Energy industry, this could refer for example to the prediction of the decline in production for mature oil fields, or the forecasting of renewable energy power load (e.g. wind, solar).

To solve this problem different statistical, probabilistic and machine learning models can be applied, each one with its own strengths for model interpretability and flexibility on the available dataset.

Our experts have in depth theoretical and practical knowledge of state of the art forecasting models, which combined with excellent business domain knowledge, allows us to produce tailored models for each specific request.

kwantis Digital Lab team has then the cross-functional skills needed to integrate the model in a fully functioning data product, ready to be deployed in production.

Case Studies

Our Expert

Our Expert

Forecasting models EXPERT

Fabio Concina

Fabio has been involved in software engineering and data science for more than 5 years. In kwantis he co-led the development of the ID3 solution, trusted by major Energy companies around the world. He holds a BSc in Mathematical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and a MSc in Statistics from University of Trieste.


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