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Software design and development

Kwantis has a rather large scope of clients, in different industries and for different applications. One of the main challenges that we face in this situation is to understand specific needs and translate them in effective software solutions.


We rely on our expert consultants to analyze those needs and to extract precise requirements that guide our software engineers to develop the perfect solution. We focus on building maintainable and scalable software that are fully tailored on current and future clients’ needs.

To develop, maintain and deliver the best product, we use the latest tool in the CI/CD pipelines. We also use the Agile methodologies that help us to react quickly to the evolutive deployment of your applications.

Our Expert

Our Expert

Software design and development EXPERT

Edoardo Zini

Edoardo Zini has worked on the design, architecture, and implementation of new tools in the suite of kwantis software in order to meet the clients’ needs in both Europe and the Middle East. Edoardo Zini holds a MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano.


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