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Data engineering & analytics

Data is a valuable resource for any business. The goal of Kwantis Data engineering & analytics team is to build data strategies that aids decision-making and provides highest quality, security, and data availability.


With the communication skills of Kwantis data engineers, we work across departments to understand what business leaders want to gain from the company’s large datasets.

Thanks to our flexible data pipelines, we adapt our tools and their implementation according to the requirements and available infrastructures.

By applying the customized solutions while we provide rich and actionable insights we also categorize, prepare, and structure the data.

Case Studies

Our Expert

Our Expert

Data engineering & analytics EXPERT

Vahid Heidari

With over 8 years in different industry sectors, Vahid has experience in big data technologies, data analysis, machine learning, cloud management, and computer networks. Vahid holds a MSc in computer science and engineering from Politecnico di Milano and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Engineering from UCNA University of Tabriz.


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