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Automation of Drilling Performance Analysis

Standard analyses for drilling performance improvement are limited by the subjectivity and the lack of granularity of Daily Drilling Reports. kwantis’s solution for performance measurement combines both data from the rig sensors (mudlogging unit) and Daily Drilling Reports in order to create a more accurate time breakdown.


The idea is make the best of each data source, exploiting the high granularity and continuity of mudlog data and the completely and descriptive information contained in the Daily Drilling Reports.

First of all, kwantis implemented some rules for the automatic detection of main operation from mudlog data sensor interpretation, and then merged it with the reporting information to create a consolidated and higly detailed (5 seconds granularity) time breakdown.

Thus the applications are various, for example, identify the technical limit of a specific operations and define the corresponding room of improvement. This method was also applied to evaluate benefits of a specific technology in a large drilling campaign in Alaska, basing the analysis on previous drilled wells. The client had all the elements to make a proper decision for the next wells.

” The analysis of big amount of data open many valuables opportunities for upstream operations “

This is a revolution in the process of performance evaluation and optimization, because the analysis becomes impartial and more objective as possible and results appear clear, solid and trustworthy.