Most of the time, the implementation of new processes fails due to lack of people engagement. Training is one key driver that should be considered in order to guarantee the successful implementation of an organization change.


kwantis provides the following training courses, tailored to the clients needs (exercises, applications, examples,…):

RISK MANAGEMENT: a well proven approach to assess future uncertainties (risk and opportunities) and to evaluate their potential impact on project targets: time, cost, quality.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: a structured approach to promote a successful application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities and meet project requirements.

INVESTMENT EVALUATION: with a risk approach that bears uncertainties (risk and opportunities) in the evaluation of an investment. Techniques for probabilistic cash flow modelling are provided to support decision making process for higher visibility, optimisation strategies and leveraged confidence.

DRILLING PERFORMANCE EVALUATION: a structured process to collect and combine all wells data, either qualitative (reports) and quantitative (sensors) in order to calculate insightful KPIs for drilling performance optimization, using ID3 solution.

  • +50 training courses given in corporates, universities, MBA and professional associations, with highly positive feedbacks.
  • Tutoring of +10 students for the preparation of their Master or PhD thesis. 
  • +20 years of experience in Risk Management, Investment Evaluation and Project Management in major Companies.