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Data is at the base of any analysis, in any kind of forms and transmission protocols. The more the algorithms advance, the more they become data-hungry.


Every device nowadays is interconnected and capable of sharing information, quite often processing information in a real-time or near real-time manner.
Kwantis Digital Lab is riding the IoT transformation by developing on-premises and cloud-based software that covers all the steps required to build the basis of several algorithms-based technologies.

A key success is the id3 data manager, capable of aggregating diverse and multiple real-time data coming from multiple drilling rigs, redistributing them among several repositories and applications.

Our Expert

Our Expert

IoT Solutions EXPERT

Filippo Sisti

Filippo Sisti has led the development of the data-manager system for more than 10 years, currently leading the development of an important project which aims at collecting and distributing real time data coming from several sources in parallel. Filippo Sisti holds an MSc in Management Engineering from Politecnico di Milano.


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