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One of the main challenges of today is the migration of outdated or missing software to fully digitalized platforms.


The benefits of these operations can be surprising since they aim at: standardizing, cleaning, normalizing, accessing information involved in the processes. Every good Business Intelligence action is powered by solid and structured digital processes. Kwantis Digital Lab helps and guides clients to choose among all the available technologies in the market and the implementation of processes tied exactly to the business need.

One key success in Kwantis is the implementation of the id3 software for several clients, enabling a standardized way of ingesting,  processing and managing data, and hence enabling business insights.

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Our Expert

Our Expert

Digitalization Processes EXPERT

Jacopo Magni

Jacopo Magni has supported the development of Kwantis solutions in Italy, France and the Middle East. Previously he worked in the travel industry sector for the major GDS company. Jacopo Magni holds a MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano.


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