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Integrated System for Project Data Management

Starting from a situation where all drilling and completion project data were managed through independent files and analyses were performed in a non-automatic way, kwantis have studied and developed a system to consolidate the data, facilitate the analyses and finally increase the related added value.


In order to reduce the cost of the new data management system, kwantis proposed to create it from to the existing planning and reporting Excel templates, adding the following features: information consolidation on a centralized database, risk based planning, immediate reporting and analyses (Business Intelligence).All information stored in the DB is dynamically and automatically analysed through Qlikview reports in order to consolidate Lessons Learned and to support future time and cost estimates.

“Create much more value from the existing resources with a minimum investment”

Finally, by using big data for operations analysis, organization can gain real-time visibility into operations and reduce operative costs by anticipating and avoiding potential Non Productive Time (NPT).