What makes us different


Our mission is to provide high value information to decision makers through innovative solutions. In that aim kwantis can rely on the following assets:

• A team of highly skilled engineers in IT technologies, energy and construction

• More than 10 years of successful collaboration with major corporations from energy and infrastructure industries worldwide

• An innovation mindset illustrated by the commercial success of the 2 in-house solutions id3 and riskturn.


Since its early days Kwantis is promoting the following values:

objective-oriented – We remain focused on the solutions that are creating value for our clients in a sustainable manner.

commitment to employee’s life balance – Our main asset is our team, so we like to put sympathy and professionalism at work and leave space for everyone’s passions.

adaptability – we are lucky to live in a world of fast changes, let’s behave accordingly, inventive and flexible to take part of those changes.



Our Story

Kwantis was founded by Jean and Nicola in 2010, with a common passion for excellence and innovation. The company started to work intensively on the implementation of risk assessment processes in the energy industry. Soon it became clear that efficient risk processes need a good level of information.

Therefore in 2015 we invested internally on two innovative solutions to increase the level and quality of information for the decision makers: id3 and riskturn. In order to  support this development we hired a team of young and enthusiast IT engineers.

We now have a complete set of competencies: organizational, technical and digital, to provide tailored solutions for industry transformation. Being independent and young in spirit allows us to be more innovative and competitive than many big players. We are closely monitoring our client satisfaction on every assignment, and since the early stages of the company we are recording a continuous 5 stars average.

Our reputation gave us the opportunity to develop commercial partnerships with services companies in the energy industry in Dubai and Malaysia and in the digital industry in the USA.

kwantis is certified ISO 9001:2015 by DNV.

Our Clients