Our R&D is helping us in being smarter, faster and more sustainable

Innovation Attitude

In kwantis, we always consider novel solutions to respond to our client’s challenges. Innovation has been paramount during all the company’s growth, with a strategy of investing a relevant budget in R&D projects to create new products and business opportunities. New ideas are always welcomed among peers, and we strive to always find even better solutions to the technical challenges we encounter.

We are active in researching new technologies that may have a relevant impact on the products and services we offer, in order to deliver actual value to our clients and bridge the gap between technical innovation and real-world applications. Research activity is always integrated with Engineering activity, in order to leverage Software Engineering best practices and to build solid prototypes that will require minimal effort once prepared to be shipped as production-ready solutions.

This innovation attitude has been acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development through the “Innovative SME” label, granted to Kwantis 4 years in a row.


articles have been published to international journals and conferences


publications in international journals and conferences


awards for “Best Paper for Technical Content” in international conferences

Tech stack

Kwantis is using cutting edge technologies to tackle the requirements which the big data provides nowadays. The stack covers every layer of an end-to-end solution and is very flexible related to the customer needs.
The software is conceived, designed and developed to be agnostic with respect to the infrastructure in which it will be distributed hence adapting every piece of the architecture to the deployment options (Most common cloud environments, on premise, etc.).

Kwantis is using microservices approach (Kubernetes, Docker)  to enable scalability and deployment flexibility along with CI/CD processes (Jenkins, Azure DevOps).