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Training on Project Management

The course develops the theme of uncertainty (or risk) management applied to the project objectives: cost, time and profitability. The course presents the risk management techniques, both in terms of quality and quantity (probabilistic), with the development of a specific case study about the construction of an offshore wind farm.

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The training goal is to teach new techniques of Project Risk Management (PRM) with enhanced monitoring of time, cost and quality, in order to ensure successful implementation of the projects. The course is then divided into two sections:
– a first section to highlight the added value and standards of project risk management, including tools and techniques to identify, qualitatively evaluate and control risks;
– a second section to focus on the methods of quantitative risk analysis and risk monitoring. Ultimately, methods of investment evaluation (NPV, IRR, PBT etc.) are detailed with the consequent risk based decision making, as a success factors for the PRM approach.

” Training sessions focusing on the added value of the PRM approach”

The seminar was held by two kwantis lecturers with several years of experience in project risk management and investment evaluation on behalf of major international industries in the in the energy, infrastructure, oil & gas sector.