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Risk Assessment Training

The introduction of a probabilistic approach in drilling and completion activities means a new approach in planning and contingency calculation and also in operation monitoring. The objective is to provide adequate skills to Drilling and Completion Engineers in the use procedures, tools, and in the capability to present results to the Management.

Eni Corporate University
Italy, Angola

Kwantis organizes two type of fine-tuned trainings.
For Drilling and Completion Engineers, the training is carried out on 5 days, the adequate duration to have both a theoretical introduction to probabilistic estimates and an in-depth application on a case study, running the specific tools for well planning and operation monitoring activities.
A shorter 1 day training is proposed to the Management: it also starts from probabilistic estimates theory, but it’s focusing on the meaning of the results in terms of better allocation of the resources, project evaluation and NPV analysis.

“kwantis trainings are awarded by excellent feedbacks from the participants “

Kwantis, with its rich experience in Risk Analysis in Oil&Gas sector and his awareness of all the procedures and tools in place at its Clients, is providing very effective trainings, worldwide and awarded by all participants with excellent feedbacks.