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Definition of a Drilling Complexity Index

After a benchmark of various existing WCIs, coming from both literature and Oil Companies, kwantis created a tailored WCI to meet Eni’s needs: this index includes not only technical issues, but also environmental and logistical factors, it can be applicable to all type of wells, for drilling and completion activities and it can analyze both qualitative and quantitative elements.

Major Oil Operator

Most of existing Well complexity Indexes consider only drilling operation, few of them include some completion activities. The Well Complexity Index developed for Eni covers all Exploration & Production process, starting from planning to production optimization activities.

Following the initial benchmark, several experts from all technical areas were involved in the refinement and ranking of the selected factors, also providing evaluation criteria. In this way of proceeding, a complete Index was created, and in addition, it reflect exactly the prospective of who is working on the projects.

The possible applications of this Well Complexity Index are many: in particular, considering Risk Management activities, past drilled wells can be clustered according to this Index in order to define some specific KPIs for each bundle and create an accurate set of references for future wells planning.

“Organize information on past experiences, in support to continuous improvement”

Another application for this set of reference is to identify potential areas of improvement, with associated equipment selection and contractual strategies with incentives or penalties. And that’s just the beginning…