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Knowledge Management on Risk

Total has a wide experience in developing upstream facilities. Since many years these projects are addressed through a risk management process. However, most of the risk-related information remained confined on each project, and therefore hardly spread over for other future projects. Kwantis was assigned to develop a project risk management databased to consolidate this information.

Total E&P

Kwantis defined the structure of the risk database, based on the Project Risk Management guideline written for Total in 2013. This structure was then incorporated in the existing Total E&P data management system. Then an initial dataset was created by kwantis, analyzing and organizing 1500 risks from 8 projects (Offshore Angola, Offshore e Onshore Nigeria, Offshore Congo, Myanmar, Kazakhstan).

“consolidate the past experience in managing risks, to support future projects”

Finally, an analysis of the consolidated data was dine, in order to provide lessons learned for future projects. The analysis provide useful information on risk occurrences by project types, .risk evaluation heat maps, risk mitigation plan efficiency,… Kwantis presented the results at the Annual Total E&P Risk Workshop in 2014.