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Risk Management Framework for Infrastructures

A major transportation operator (highway, parking, bridges, tunnels,…) wanted a risk management process to better manage its projects. The objective was to anticipate budget and schedule overrun on new investments. A kwantis partner created a comprehensive and intuitive process for project risk management.

Major Construction Group

The implementation of the project risk management system encompasses guidelines, templates and tools. All risk information is organized around a RBS (Risk Breakdown Structure), designed for infrastructure projects. Templates of risk register and reporting documentation was produced according to company’s specifications, also driven by regulatory requirements.

“Thanks to risk management, the project is better integrated in its environment”

The system was applied on a strategic project: a 10km road tunnel with a number of innovations on the Tunnel Bore Machine, on the traffic management and on the integration of the project in a dense urban area, minimizing its impact on the local populations.