DP Vessel Drifting Risk Study - kwantis
Complexity Modeling , Naval

DP Vessel Drifting Risk Study

The possible drift-off of a floating Dynamic Positioning (DP) rig is a critical risk issue , especially during deepwater drilling operations. Kwantis was called to perform a complete risk study on that issue, covering all aspects: technical, environmental, human and organizational.


Following a deep information search, kwantis built a fault tree model for a typical semi-sub DP3 rig, integrating existing statistical information on DP sub-systems reliability (thrusters, transmission, sensors,…), environmental conditions (wind, currents, heave,…), and possible human errors (vigilance, decisions and actions).

“From general to specific: consider the full picture in addressing a particular risk situation”

This reliability model was then integrated in the e-wise well blow out probability model (also developed by kwantis), in order to combine this drift-off issue with each possible drilling and completion operations.